Pizza and Ice Cream School

Ice Cream Class: (60 minutes)

Ice Cream Class: (60 minutes)

Arrival at GELATERIA PIZZERIA BOUGAINVILLEA (within walking distance from Bougainvillea Relais)
You will be provided with disposable cap and taken to the production laboratory.
The lesson includes production of 2 ice cream flavours: lemon and hazelnut.
Guests will participate in cutting and juicing lemons, processing ,freezing and of course tasting the ice cream just made.
During the demonstration guests will be given all the tips, secrets and methods for producing the qenuine gelato at home without the use of sophisticated machinery.
At the end of the lesson each quest will receive the recipe for the flavours made and take a cone with 2 flavors of their choice amongst 80 flavors offered by our Gelateria every day .
Pizza School "Hands in dough" (75 minutes)

Pizza School "Hands in dough" (75 minutes)

Arrival at GELATERIA BOUGAINVILLEA (within walking distance from Bougainvillea Relais).
You will be provided with disposable cap and apron and taken to the pizza oven where the various steps to preparing the real Neapolitan pizza will be explained to you.
When you have kneaded, rolled out and garnished your pizza dough with your chosen ingredients, you will place it in the wood burning oven.
Once it is ready, you will enjoy the pizza you made with a good glass of wine, beer or a soft drink. At the end you will be issued with a certificate of participation as pizza maker and can take home your apron as a souvenir.
If you listen carefully to the lesson you will be able to pick up the tips and tricks for making a fabulous pizza at home.

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